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When you give to The Fund for Local News, you are helping to ensure that local journalism will be around for decades to come.

Your contribution says that, despite the changes in the media and pressures from the economy, local news is important to you and to communities across the nation.

If you want your donation to The Fund for Local News to support Manor Ink, library-based, youth-led news, please specify "Manor Ink" in the notes section of your online donation form or in the memo section of your check. Manor Ink is a project that is sponsored by the Livingston Manor Free Library in Livingston Manor, NY, in partnership with the Community Reporting Alliance and other community supporters. If you’d like to donate to Coal Cracker, our other library-based youth-led news, please specify "Coal Cracker."

The Community Reporting Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible. The Fund for Local News is a component of the Community Reporting Alliance, contact

To make a donation by U.S. Mail, checks made to the Community Reporting Alliance may be sent to 20 West Avenue, Chester, NY 10918.